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Outlook PST Cannot Be Found error

Outlook PST Cannot Be Found Error – Discussed and Resolved

Outlook is amongst the most renowned and used email application based on desktop rather than browser. But even these applications are confronted with issues leading to failure of data accessibility that is available in it. Possibilities are that only on starting up your Outlook client you may confront with an error message as a welcome note which could be very disturbing. This segment talks over a similar issue where an error stating "Outlook PST cannot be found" is discussed. You can understand about related issues via this article and also learn about possible solutions for the same.

PST cannot be accessed

Fix "xxxx.pst Cannot Be Accessed – 0x80040116" Error

No matter which application we use, error message is a source to detect that something is wrong or needs a correction. When we work with MS Outlook, errors are commonly encountered if any action is performed wrong, any setting of the application is not correct, any of its component is damaged or the data file is corrupt. So, to work around different problems, Microsoft has provided Inbox Repair tool that recovers PST file items and folders. When we configure Outlook, this utility gets automatically installed in the system and helps in fixing errors like "xxxx.pst cannot be accessed - 0x80040116".

Recover Deleted Outlook Emails

Steps To Know How To Recover Deleted Emails From Outlook

Why Does Hard Deletion of Email Occur? When you delete emails, contacts or some other items from Outlook, these emails are moved to "Deleted items" and when an item is deleted using "Shift+del", it does not go to the "Deleted Items" folder and this functionality is simply known as "Hard Delete". PST (Personal storage table) is basically a file format that is used to store Outlook data (message, calendar, contacts and other Outlook items). When you permanently delete an email from your Outlook account, you are just deleting the index file of database that is pointing to the actual email not the content of email. So it is good news for you that the content part of deleted email is in a safe place and you can recover it.

synchronization of Outlook is not working

Resolve Outlook Sync Client Has Stopped Working Issue

Microsoft Outlook 2007 contacts or calendars synchronization with iPhone or iPod touch is possible and the media that helps in the process is Apple iTunes. A user has the freedom to assign and configure the items that are to be synchronized at one-time set up procedure. After this, every time your iPhone or iPod is connected with system, the changes will automatically be done (be it addition, deletion or modification done in calendars or contacts). Basically, what is done in system will be reflected in iPhone/iPod.

Cannot able to start MS Outlook

How to Fix issues in "Cannot able to start or open Microsoft Outlook" ?

I am using Outlook 2010 and when trying to start Outlook, I am getting error "Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open Outlook windows ". How can I resolve and start my Outlook again?

Email stuck in Outlook Outbox

Email Gets Trapped in Outlook Outbox

Emails get trapped in Outlook because of various reasons. This blog explain you why email get stuck in Outlook Outbox and how to send or delete struck message from Outlook Outbox.Outlook Emails get stuck if it includes large attachments files. Files that containing large attachments seek to be most frequent reasons why Outlook is not sending or receiving emails from Outbox. In that situation either you delete it or move to the draft folder.